The Really Simple 1.e4, A Complete White Repertoire

The Really Simple 1.e4, A Complete White Repertoire

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A complete White repertoire for 1.e4 players

  • The main characteristics

    • There is no heavy theory, so it's easy to remember the lines
    •  Deviation from the main lines as early as possible in order to surprise your opponent.
    • Lure your opponent into territories familiar to you, where you know the evaluation of the position, you know what to do in the position and where to place your pieces.
  • Tips to go through this book

    Very often you will get out of the opening positions that the engine evaluates equal or even slightly inferior for White (-0,21 or -0,31), however these positions will contain permanent weaknesses at your opponent's camp, such as ruined pawn structure and weak King and we all know that when humans play each other evaluations such as -0,21 or 0,31 hardly play any significant role. Just recall how many times in your games you had a big advantage but you lost the thread because your King wasn't behind a pawn shield and things got complicated. Hard to defend permanent weaknesses when you are not an engine!

  • Aim of this book

    • Since the aim of our repertoire is to get out of the opening a position with permanent weaknesses for your opponent, that means that you will hardly ever lose your way in the middlegame as you will always know what to do: target the weaknesses!

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