King's Indian Defense - Taimanaov - Korchnoi attack for white

King's Indian Defense - Taimanaov - Korchnoi attack for white

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Following our first chess openings book "The really simple 1.e4 - A complete White repertoire" we happily offer to the chess community the Taimanov-Korchnoi Attack for White.

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    Consistent to our opening approach we aim to surprise our opponents, lure them to unknown territories familiar to us and finally get out of the opening positions where they find themselves with permanent weaknesses. The Taimanov-Korchnoi Attack is an out of fashion old line in which the Black King very often lacks a pawn shield, whilst the typical blocked King's Indian Defence centre is not blocked at all! Those two factors significantly increase the accuracy level required by Black in these types of positions and make White's play much easier. A perfect surprise weapon!

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