DGT 2010 FIDE Approved Chess Clock

DGT 2010 FIDE Approved Chess Clock

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The DGT2010 is the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation FIDE. It was tested by top international

arbiters and approved for use at all FIDE events.

  • Tech Specs

    t is easy to program, with multiple periods

    possible in all timing modes. Time and move counter corrections are possible during the game.

    Fashionable bonus and delay options are included as are many other fun options such as gong and hourglass,

    making the DGT2010 a very popular game timer for all two player games such as Chess

  • Warranty

    2 Years

  • Other Descriptions

    It has special Byo-Yomi settings for Go. With very smooth lever operation, a large display,

    optional buzzer and player colour indication the DGT2010 is a great all-round game timer.

    It is supplied in a sturdy gift box and an extensive manual in six languages is included.

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