Chess for Educators - Karel van Delft

Chess for Educators - Karel van Delft

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Chess has the rare quality that children love it despite the fact that it is good for them. Playing chess is just like life: you have to make plans, take decisions, be creative, deal with challenges, handle disappointments, interact with others and evaluate your actions. In this guide, psychologist and chess teacher Karel van Delft provides access to the underlying scientific research and presents the best didactical methods.

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    Karel van Delft has created a dependable toolkit for teachers and scholastic chess organizers.
    What can teachers do to improve their instruction?
    How (un) important is talent?
    How do you support a special needs group?
    How do you deal with parents?
    What are the best selling points of a chess program?
    Boys and girls, does it make a difference?
    How do "chess in schools" programs fare in different countries?

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